Continuous delivery User & Admin training

Course Objectives:

Students will walk away with a solid understanding of how to implement a Continuous Integration (CI) environment with Jenkins, including:

  • Setting up a production-grade instance of a Jenkins server, complete with automated builds, tests, code quality audits and reports.
  • Integrating Jenkins with other tools in the development environment, such as issue tracking systems and source code browsers.
  • Learning the additional features available in the CloudBees Jenkins Platform.
  • Learning administration of Jenkins instances, such as scripted maintenance, security and slave administration.
  • Understanding how to monitor the Jenkins instance to ensure high availability and how logging is applied.
  • Analyses of the Jenkins instance to provide metric information on job failure rates, or how the master/slaves are performing.


  • Java developers of all levels
  • Software architects
  • Technical project managers
  • Build managers
  • Development and QA engineers
  • Build managers and engineers
  • System Administrators
  • DevOps engineers


The course is modular, flexible and highly interactive, with extensive hands-on examples. The course roughly breaks into 50% theory and 50% practical content.

User Course Modules

  • CI & CD Fundamentals
  • Jenkins Overview
  • CloudBees Introduction (Lab 1: Installing the lab environment)
  • Jenkins Jobs/Projects (Lab 2: Creating a Freestyle build job / Lab 3: Creating a Maven build job)
  • Build Status (Lab 4: Displaying test results)
  • Jobs Organization
  • Plugin Management (Lab 5: Creating an integration tests build)
  • Working With SCM Lab 6: Integrating with a source repository browser
  • Code Quality & Code Coverage Metrics ( Lab 7: Code quality metrics / Lab 8: Code coverage metrics )
  • Parameterized Builds (Lab 9: Parameterized builds)
  • Automated Deployments (Lab 10. Automatic deployments to Tomcat)
  • Folders & Folders Plus (Lab 11: Job Organization and Security with Folders)
  • Validated Merge for GitHub (Lab 12: Validated merge)
  • Pull-Request Buildder for GitHub
  • Templates (Lab 13: Templates)
  • Workflow (Lab 14. Workflow)
  • Introduction to CloudBees Jenkins Operation Center (CJOC)

Admin Course Modules

  • Introduction to CI & CD
  • Introduction to CloudBees Jenkins Platform (CJP)
  • CloudBees Enterprise Jenkins (CJE)
  • Command-Line Interface (Lab 1: Command-Line Interface)
  • Distributed Builds (Lab 2: Distributed Builds)
  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center (CJOC)
  • Client Masters
  • Shared Slaves (Lab 3: CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center (CJOC)-Client Master and Shared Slave)
  • Security (Lab 4: Security)
  • Access Control with RBAC Plugin (Lab 5: Access Control with RBAC Plugin)
  • High Availability (HA)
  • Backup Scheduling (Lab 7: Backup Scheduling)
  • Monitoring (Lab 8: Monitoring)
  • Nodes Plus (Lab 9: Nodes Plus)
  • Fast Archiver (Lab 10: Fast Archiver)
  • Pull-Request Builder for GitHub (Lab 11: Pull-Request Builder for GitHub)
  • Custom Update Center (Lab 12: Custom Update Centers for CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center)
  • NIO SSH Slaves (Lab 13: NIO SSH Slaves)
  • Even Scheduler (Lab 14: Event Scheduler)
  • CloudBees Jenkins Analytics (Lab 15: CloudBees Jenkins Analytics)
  • Cluster Operations (Lab 16: Cluster Operations)
  • CloudBees Support (Lab 17: CloudBees Support)

Course price: £1,095 excl. VAT

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