Adopt and transform with DevOps

To drive digital transformation, you need an agile skill set and resources at scale.

At ECS Digital, we focus on helping you achieve your business goals through the accelerated adoption of Enterprise DevOps. Whether it’s increased competition, improving time to market or fostering innovation, our proven methodology can transform your organisation.

Our Approach

We help our clients transform at scale through the use of Enablement Pods – combining outcome focused teams and value-add sprints.

Our Pods deliver DevOps, CT, Cloud and engineering capabilities in one team. This means you get process, enablement and nearly two decades of experience on top of the first-rate engineering, tooling and testing you would expect.

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The introduction of DevOps practices enable your teams to achieve faster software delivery through engineering transformation. We make this possible using techniques including:

  • Containerisation – improve infrastructure utilisation, achieve platform independence, and increase speed, consistency and scaling of deployment
  • Continuous integration – increase efficiency by making it easy to identify errors early in the lifecycle for consistent and reliable builds
  • Deployment and infrastructure automation – eliminate delays and errors by automating complex manual processes
  • Test automation – improve the speed, consistency and volume of testing to give you confidence in the quality of your released software

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