Agile testing – optimised business practices

Agile testing strives to unite teams around the principles of collaboration, flexibility, simplicity, transparency and responsiveness to feedback. And this is how we approach testing at ECS Digital.

We look at the entire development process and present businesses with the benefits of failing fast and failing safe. We also work closely with leading global brands to introduce best practice and the latest technologies in testing to ensure you have a long-term solution.

Our skilled and experienced team of SDETs have a proven track record in delivering agile solutions, with BDD/ATDD and test automation at their heart.

Test Automation

Effective test automation requires a deep understanding of the application under test, the different layers and components that make up the whole and how that application integrates with the wider eco-system.

Our Test Architects and SDETs are trained and experienced in breaking systems down so they can build the correct frameworks to enable your development teams to implement industry-leading test automation.


The right visualisation techniques can help to focus your company on its key aims. It can also give you an accurate picture of how your delivery teams are running in pursuit of those goals.

We use impact mapping to align business goals with the software the teams should be building, clearly identifying the value chain.

Then we build effective dashboards that visibly show how your delivery teams are running, based on the specific metrics that affect your strategic decision making.

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