Enablement Pods – the driving force missing from your business transformation

Do these challenges sound familiar?


Not having the time, space or budget to recruit a flexible team of new people with the blend of knowledge and skills required to drive transformation at scale

Skills Shortage

Having pockets of internal skills but not enough to drive a business-wide transformation


Equipping internal resources to be self-sufficient remains a continuous and time-consuming challenge

Get the internal resource and skills you need, without the fuss

Depending on your specific timebound objectives, our Enablement Pods provide outcome-focused teams that may cycle depending on the skills required for a successful delivery. This means our Pods remain flexible in their resource profiling so your day to day team is exactly what you need for a particular part of the project. Enablement Pods operate in sprints and help enterprises transform at scale by embedding – for short periods – in existing engineering teams to enable them in new ways of working, tooling, etc.


It starts with a Sprint Zero

Our Enablement Pods – and our success – are measured against tangible KPIs and business outcomes. Every engagement starts with a Sprint Zero during which we discover and baseline existing processes and tools against business objectives, creating a backlog of areas of improvement.

The backlog is discussed with the client along with the level of improvement achievable per item during the delivery sprints. The backlog items to work on are agreed along with the specific KPIs that define a successful delivery.

A sprint review/demo is held at the end of each sprint to ensure the project is on track to deliver the agreed KPI improvements. Resources in the team are fluid and can change based on the backlog items being worked on, to provide extra resource to catch up on milestones etc.

Accelerate value realisation with nothing to lose

We are so confident in delivering a return on investment that we tie ourselves to outcome. If we don’t deliver the agreed outcomes, we lose a significant portion of our fees. 

What’s the catch?

No catch. Enablement Pods are a fixed price, outcome-based solution to your transformation at scale needs. You decide the outcomes and objectives for each sprint, and we stand by those as we deliver.

This is how we back ourselves and the only way to do large scale transformation.

Enablement Pod Outcomes:

  • For each £1 invested in us, we delivered £3 of annualised savings in the development lifecycle of a Retail Bank’s core application
  • Reduction of application environment configuration delivery timescales from 7200 minutes to 3 minutes
  • Increased quality of testing through automation as well as decreased timescales of test cycles by over 50%
  • 12x reduction of application delivery cycle


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Effective business change

Not just engineering capabilities. We review each sprint to ensure we’re introducing the capabilities you need, when you need them.

Reduce time

Simplify and optimise your processes and stay ahead of your competition by reducing time from requirement to live.

Operational business excellence

Implement engineering practices and new ways of working to mature towards operational excellence.

Become self-sufficient

Enable internal teams in new ways of working, processes and tools and embed a continuous improvement ethos.

Why we’re different

Whilst some consultancies offer engineering change, ECS Digital’s consultants deliver DevOps, Continuous Testing, Cloud and engineering capabilities in one team. This means you get process, enablement and nearly two decades of experience on top of the first-rate engineering, tooling and testing you would expect.

Want to see your business successfully change for the long term?

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