How are CIOs using DevOps to achieve their key business goals?

2018 is considered the year of DevOps, with Digitalisation creating many opportunities for CIOs.

The third edition of our CIO Guide examines how the role of the CIO is changing to drive digital transformation across a whole host of sectors.

Based on our own customer experiences, research from Gartner, The Society for Information Management (SIM) 2018 IT Trends Study and CIO magazine, and insights from CIOs of five leading organisations, including:

  • Addison Lee
  • Shell
  • Heathrow Airport

We look at how digitalisation effects cyber security, regulations & compliance and how it supports innovation and new technology, including the adoption of Cloud. 

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How are our panel using DevOps to meet the top CIO objectives of 2018?

“In order to embrace digitalisation, the role of a CIO will become hybrid with a new breed emerging from the shadows of the server-hugging, outsource-centric IT Directors of the past.”
Ian Cohen, Addison Lee

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