DevOps Playground – Exploring Metrics with Prometheus

Singapore’s last DevOps Playground was exploring metrics gathering with Prometheus. The event was hosted at the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI).

The DevOps Playground community in Singapore is growing and this was our biggest attendance in Singapore to date! Thank you to everyone who supported us.

In this playground, we provide you with a better understanding of the monitoring capabilities of Prometheus and how those statuses can be easily displayed in a Grafana dashboard.

Follow the video above and you’ll begin to see how easy it is to set up a new Prometheus Server and use it to gather metrics from several applications.

We walk you through installing and configuring a Prometheus instance to monitor the following:

  1. Server hardware and kernel related metrics
  2. Instrumenting a Go application

The steps needed to complete this playground can be found on our Github repo:

So consider the services you are responsible for maintaining and follow the video above to see if Prometheus can help you improve the visibility of the health of those services.

Furthermore, we would advise users who are seriously looking into Prometheus for production to take into consideration the following during their planning phase:

  1. Storage Capability – Understand the size and frequency of metrics to be collected and stored.
  2. Federation – Scaling Prometheus to allow a Prometheus server to scrape selected time series from another Prometheus server.


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Melvin ChengDevOps Playground – Exploring Metrics with Prometheus