Delivering software, and software-related services, faster and at lower cost through the adoption of Enterprise DevOps and Agile Testing

We know DevOps. And we know how to deliver the associated software and services at scale, and at a lower cost to you.   

At ECS Digital, the digital practice of the ECS Group, we believe there is a better way to adopt new ways of working, processes and technology. A more valuable and outcome focused way of leveraging Enterprise DevOps and Agile testing to help build tomorrow’s enterprises today.

We’ve been leaders in digital transformation since 2003, evolving our offerings to support our customers’ evolving needs. Over the years we’ve helped over 100 customers – including Lloyds Banking Group, ASOS, BP plc and Sky – realise the benefits of Enterprise DevOps and Agile Testing. Ensuring they remain relevant in the face of increasing challenges of customer expectation and market disruption.

Meet the Senior Team

Andy Cureton
Founder & Managing Director

Jason Man
Head of DevOps

Jason Westhorpe
Head of Agile Testing Practice

Philipp Blum
Head of Operations

Phil Drouet
Head of Channel

Cy Nicholls
Head of Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Charlie Whaley
Sales Director

Our Clients

Our Partners

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